Have you read our new report, Development without Displacement?

Back on April 7th, we released this 100-page report and we have been amazed and honored by the positive response from local activists, from the press, and from people fighting gentrification all over the country. 

Because we have been able to recoup our costs on the first printing of the report, we now want to offer the report for FREE DOWNLOAD to everyone and anyone who wants to use and distribute the electronic version of the report.


What’s in the report?

  • Check out our definition of gentrification on page 8.
  • On page 16, read a history of political economy and gentrification in the Bay Area
  • Starting on page 55, we lay out proposed policy solutions. There are several dozen pieces of legislation and practices local governments can adopt to prevent or lessen the impacts of gentrification.

We are still selling the printed version of the report on our online store, here, in case you need a printed copy for your organization, institution, or library.

Thank you to everyone who has already purchased or received a free copy. We were humbled and inspired by some of the requests people wrote, like this one…

This report will be used to not only educate myself but my peers at San Francisco State and in order to teach my high school students from Oakland about the realities of gentrification and what we can do to take action.” – Alan

or this one…

“To understanding the housing issues effecting me as a renter living in East Oakland; to share the information with my neighbors and congregation at church; as a tool for mobilization and community actions. “  - Cynthia

Now you no longer have to make an official request, you can just download the report here, or purchase it here. BUT, we would love to hear what you will use the report for, what you think of it, any review, article, book report, essay or thesis you write about it. Please send your thoughts to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Friday, 04 April 2014 17:00

2013 Annual Report

Here is CJJC's 2013 Annual Report. You can download the PDF here »


This report was jointly produced by Causa Justa :: Just Cause (CJJC) and the Alameda County Public Health Department (ACPHD).
Wednesday, 17 April 2013 23:49

2012 Annual Report

Here is CJJC's 2012 Annual Report. Read the report online here, or download a PDF.

Maria Poblet and Dawn Phillips of Causa Justa :: Just Cause (CJJC) were recently published in Poverty & Race, a publication of the Poverty & Race Research Action Council.

To download a PDF copy of the publication click here. CJJC's article is on page 6.

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