CJJC & Grassroots Global Justice Highlights


Here are some highlights from CJJC’s recent trip to the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance Congress, in Raleigh, North Carolina. Photos by CJJC’s Patricia Zamora. The GGJ, 2011 Member Congress, was hosted by Black Workers for Justice. GGJ is a national alliance of grassroots organizations working for peace, democracy and a sustainable planet.

Supporters of global justice, labor and human and environmental rights from across the country came to the conference. A report by GGJ is expected to be released later this week. We'll link to the report when it comes in. Meanwhile... here's a picture essay of Congress activities.

About 150 people marched to the N.C. Republican Headquarters where they called for more jobs and for help for the thousands of public sector workers who have lost their jobs.


CJJC member Billy Trice, Jr. holds sign that reads: "From Malawi to North Carolina, Reynolds Tobacco embraces a supply chain structured on child labor, human trafficking, squalid farm worker housing, and extreme exploitation. Stop The Abuse."



CJJC member Maria Hernandez representing at GGJ! Go Maria!


Sign at Farm Labor Organizing Committee action on Sunday, Sept. 18. This sign shows a Camel cigarette package with the words over it: "Tainted by Farmworker Abuse." The action was a rally for the release of the report “State of Fear” written in collaboration with OXFAM about the unjust and inhumane conditions that exist for tobacco farm workers in North Carolina, where they spend hours in the sun, exposed to toxic chemicals. Many absorb nicotine through their skin and suffer from nicotine poisoning. The report found that one in four tobacco workers are paid less than minimum wage.


Rally at the AFL-CIO office in Raleigh, NC. they support our demands for an economy for the people and the planet.


CJJC staff and members in North Carolina. From left, Patricia Zamora, Housing Counselor/Coordinator, Maria Hernandez, CJJC member, Sanyika Bryant,, Civic Engagement Organizer, Billy Trice, Jr., CJJC member, Maria Poblet, CJJC Executive Director.

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