Tenant Justice Campaign Proposals & Petition

The Oakland Rent Board put forth ‘Debt Service’ and ‘Capital Improvement’ Rent Adjustment Program regulation amendments for approval by the City of Oakland. The Tenant Justice Campaign (TJC) evaluated the proposals and has come up with developed positions to better protect tenants.  Click here to read them.

oaklandcitycouncilmeetingLast week, Feb. 25, we showed up in force at the  Oakland City Council meeting of the Community & Economic Development Committee (CED), with many speakers calling on the council for a moratorium on debt service and capital improvement pass-throughs and to make a final decision to end the practices.

Your testimonies, letters and emails to the council are making an impact. The council was moved and voiced support for some of our recommendations. Your support makes a difference, and we need it even more for all that's next. We need your support and presence at the next key CED meetings on

  •     Tuesday, 3/11 at 2pm, City Hall Community and Economic Development (CED) Committee Meeting, Oakland City Hall
  •     Tuesday, March 18th at 5pm, City Hall Full Council Meeting for first reading

PLEASE sign this CHANGE.org petition to tell City Council Members to take immediate action to strengthen protections for tenants.There are policies facing them right now — and more we plan on introducing in the coming months that can put the brakes on gentrification.

Tell the City Council to get on the right side of history and cast their vote against displacement. Each signature on this change.org petition sends an email directly to the Councilmembers!

 Proposals by the Tenant Justice Campaign -- unlike those of the City's Rent Adjustment Program, are reasonable, balanced, and fair to both tenants and owners, and are more closely aligned with policies of adjacent cities.

Proposals include:
*  Eliminate the owner's Debt Service as a basis for rent increase
*  Share the costs of Capital Improvements between tenants and owner
*  Require owners to file petitions before passing-through Capital Improvement costs to tenants, and require notification to affected tenants of regulations governing Capital Improvements
*  Establish a maximum cap of 10% on annual rent increases to include ALL allowable increase justifications, including Capital Improvements.
*  Expand the present 5-year amortization period for capital improvements pass-throughs to 5, 10, 20 years to more accurately reflect the useful life of the improvements,
*  Ensure that Capital Improvements increases are removed from tenant's rent on the payoff expiration date.

The Tenant Justice Campaign (TJC) is a broad alliance of individuals and pro-tenant organizations.

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